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Hello everyone,

I don’t need new make up but I’d sure as hell like some, you feel me?! I’m on a bit of a spending ban at the moment unless I need to buy something that is a necessity to live. And I know some of you would agree that make up is a necessity to live but it’s not going to feed me! After much deliberation, I thought my only option was to make a wishlist, so I could shop for the products but not buy them (yet!) If you think I’ve missed something that you particularly love pleeeease pop it in the comments below and I’ll add it to my list. I’d especially appreciate some make up brush recommendations because I’d love to grow my collection!

Morphe 35f Fall into the Forest Palette – £23.50



Doesn’t everyone want this palette?! It’s honestly everything I need all in one pallette. Matte and shimmer shadows with an array of colours to perfect every eye look you could ever imagine! Whilst still being very reasonably priced. In all honesty I would love to have every single one of the Morphe palettes. Every time I look, I want a different one and soon I won’t know where to begin! But to the waitlist I go…

Make Up Revolution Contour Palette – £8


I’m late to the make up party as usual! I didn’t do the whole contouring thing when everyone else started and I’m just now getting the whole concept – boo to me. I’ve got a couple of basic contour bits in my collection but now I think it’s time to invest in a proper palette and give it a real attempt. Plus can we just pay particular attention to the two far right shades, how pretty?!

New Look Glow Highlighter – £7.99


I swatched this in the shop a few weeks ago, it literally took my breathe away with how pigmented and bright it was and then I continued to walk away without purchasing it. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! Ever since this moment I’ve been wishing I’d brought this highlighter and that is all I can bear to say!

MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer – £3


I’ve heard sooo many good things about these and I can never say no to a lipstick sooo it’s a winner for me! They are also an unbelievably reasonable price and if they are good, what more can you want?! I couldn’t quite choose a shade on the internet because they all look too pretty so I’m not going to be specific – I just need some of these, asap. I was quite torn with lipstick choice to be honest though – which ones are your favourite?!

I could have included a lot more than this but it would have looked a little obsessive. You’ll notice that everything I have picked is high street make up and cheaply priced – welcome to the student world! Buy hey why spend more than you need to?! I would love my make up collection to be huge but for now I’ll aim to keep it growing. Let me know of your favourite make up items (especially brushes) that I need to be adding to my wishlist in the comments as well. Don’t forget to like and follow if you’ve enjoyed this post!

Sending my beauty love,



*Disclaimer – All photos are from the relevant websites where there are the appropriate links. 


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