How you been doing? Quiiiiiite a while ago, I put a tweet out asking for you guys to ask me some questions ready for this post. Now months later I am ready to write said post. If you asked me a questions, thank you so much and if you didn’t see the tweet because you aren’t following me on twitter – the buttons over to your right!


Oh girl, I love this question. I absolutely love everything about blogging but ultimately having my own little space to write whatever the hell I like is the best part! It’s not often in life you get to do whatever you please, but with blogging I can. I choose what I write, when I write it and how I write it and that’s what makes me happiest. I like to be true to myself and so I write about everything that makes me happy and if others enjoy that too, then that’s a bonus!


This is a tough one because I’m not sure if I even follow or notice the current trends. If I like it I buy it and wear it! I’m sat here mentally going through my wardrobe and I really wouldn’t say I particularly follow a trend – nor do I set them before it sounds like that either. I genuinely wear what I like and think suits me. Β Mind you, I have loved the over the knee boots for a while now but just haven’t plucked up the courage to buy some!!


Fun fact for you – I hated history in school! I’m not going to attempt with some really clever answer here because I would embarrass myself and my intelligence 100%. So I am going to say (although it’s not really history and more like the ‘past’) would be the 1960’s. This is for no other reason but for the fashion and the real sense of love and community I get from looking back to that time.



Ooooh this is a difficult (but good) one! I’d like to travel a lot of the world but if I had to pick one country it would have to be America. I’ve been to Florida once before and I’d love to go again but I would also like to travel and explore the rest of America – however big a country it might be!


Unfortunately I am dairy intolerant so neither is good for me! Before I developed my allergy though, I would have most definitely chosen Cadbury’s every single time!

It was so fun getting questions from you guys to answer and I hope you enjoyed reading! I’m thinking of doing regular Q&A’s so if you’ve got questions pop them in the comments or head over to my twitter and ask me there! Be sure to check out everyone’s twitter who asked me a question too! I’d also love to know your answers to these questions too in the comments.

Loadsa love,



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