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A Letter To My Future Child

The smallest glimmer in my future hopes,

You may not be here for years to come but when you are, you’ll be here in this big wide world and it’s for you to shape and to make your own. I’d just like to give you some words of advice to start you off. You have your whole life in front of you and the whole world at your feet, make the most of it because time is precious. Don’t rush, make the most of life while you are young and enjoy yourself when you are older, it all matters.

You’ll be different to the people in your class – different eye colour, different body shape, different personality but the only thing that matters is that you stay true to yourself. Don’t let other people’s misconceptions of what beautiful is, dampen you spirit. The world can be cruel and the people in it can be even crueler. Surround yourself with the important people, who stick by you when you most need them. If they support you through the tough times then they deserve to be there in the best – always remember that. Be kind always (people tend not to know what to do with themselves when you are kind, it’s a luxury we don’t always receive from people in this world!)

Go out into the world and learn, feel, grow and play. Let your imagination run, instead of being drip fed by the electronic device that everyone else cannot be without. Look up from that screen and take in your surroundings because they won’t always look the same. What’s good to you now, won’t always be good to you.

You’ll make mistakes and you’ll trip up, it’s natural. What’s not so natural is to stand back up, brush yourself off and stay focused. People are going to think they know what is best for you because they’ve ‘been there and done that’ but no one on this planet has led your life the way you can do it – so just be you! Confidence is a blessing so embrace yourself because you’re the best version of you that there ever can be. Make the most of every opportunity you get and with the right attitude you’ll become everything you ever want to be!

Dream big, play hard and love truly!

Until we meet,



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