Things I Love About Christmas!

Hello my favourite people,

It’s Christmas Eve Eve!! I genuinely cannot believe that December has gone by so quickly and we are so so close to the big day now. I’m actually feeling quite festive and after a conversation I’ve had recently I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the things I looove about the Christmas season.

Spending time with family and friends: Christmas is the time when the family get together and spend time with eachother. The rest of the year people are so busy and filled with doing things in their own lives that on occasions like Christmas there’s a real focus on family time and I love it!

Shopping for presents: Some of you might think this is a little odd but I absolutely love going Christmas shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I hate going shopping when it’s too busy to even move but on a general basis I love it. I’m a bit of a shopaholic anyway but when it comes to Christmas presents, I really enjoy walking round getting choose nice things for everyone else. (Also on that note, I love watching people’s reactions when you’ve got them a present you know they are going to love!)

Being in the festive spirit: I always feel that at this time of the year, everyone’s mood is lifted by the festivities and that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy! It always makes me super smiley when strangers or retail workers wish you a ‘Merry Christmas.’ I love anything that puts people in happy moods and Christmas just happen to be one of those things.


Putting up the decorations and wrapping presents: When I do this, there has to be loud Christmas music playing and a Christmas candle burning for it to be complete. I love making the house feel Christmassy and I already know, when I have a house of my own it will be decorated as much as possible! I go all out with my wrapping too – this year it’s been glittery reindeer paper with ribbon, tags and bows. I just looove wrapping presents!

Christmas food: Who doesn’t love this about Christmas?! We’ve recently looked through all the food books and decided on all of the food we are going to have on Christmas day and I cannot wait to eat it all! My excuse at the moment whenever I eat anything mildly unhealthy is that ‘it’s Christmas!’ (Not to mention I’ve been eating everything in sight since about October anyway!) But Christmas food is unlike any other time of the year, yum!


There’s so much more I could include but that’s enough for now! I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas Day now and all these things I love are coming together nicely! I really do love Christmas time and would love to know your favourite things about it too. So be sure to leave me your comments to let me know what you love or are looking forward to this year! While you’re there, make sure you are following my blog to keep up to date with my posts!

Winter warm hugs,



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