“You’ve Changed!”


Hello you,

Who’s been told that they’ve changed or they are different? Probably all of us right?! I feel like we hear it all too often yet is it not something which is inevitable in life because without change there can be no change.

Recently, an old friend got in touch and at the start of the chat I had to convince them that it was actually me answering the message and now someone else trying to trick them. They said it was because they weren’t expecting the reaction which they got from me and that I didn’t seem like the person I used to be. So basically because I was nice to them (because I am sooo over what happened) and have become a different person to who I was years ago, they didn’t believe it was me! Can you believe it?!


As people grow and become the person they want to, there is of course going to be some changes and people aren’t always going to be the person you once knew. Gosh, could you imagine if you were the same person as you were 5 years ago? I know I’d be horrified! Everyone has their own experiences in life and of course as we move onto different things, the people we become are an adaptation of the person we once were.

When someone tells you that you have changed, it is as if they say it in such a negative way and to make you feel bad for the person you have become. But please don’t ever let it. The person you have become is a celebration of the experiences you have faced and the things you have come out of bigger, better and stronger. So embrace yourself and show off the person you are. In life not everyone is going to like you or be pleased with the changes you have made, but you have to look after and love yourself. So look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are entirely happy with the person you are. If the answer is yes, then be proud and confident. If the answer is no, then change the thing you aren’t happy with and become the person YOU want to be. Let’s face it, you are the one living with it!

Sorry for being so deep in these posts, but for me they are the ones I absolutely love to write on my blog and I love to hear your views in the comments and on my social media! Shine on guys, you are amazing!




4 thoughts on ““You’ve Changed!”

  1. Oh my goodness I can really relate to this! I’ve had a situation lately where I friends accused me of changing and isn’t happy about it. I do t get why it’s a bad thing. People change throughout life but it’s not like it totally changed my personality! Thanks for this, it’s nice to know I’m not alone xx


    1. Oh no darling! In my eyes changing is inevitable and definitely not a bad thing. If you’re happy with the person you are, that’s all that is important. Real friends would love you for who you are. You definitely aren’t alone, I’m here anytime you want a chat! xx

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