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My Weight Gain Journey

Hello lovelies,

This isn’t your typical weight journey story that you’d normally read (and which I love reading) about how much weight people have lost and how far they have come to being healthier. Mine is a little bit different so bare with me – it is just something I am honestly so proud and I have come such a long way.


For all of my life, I have been super slim and people have always made comments about how I could “turn sideways and you wouldn’t see me” or how “I could eat anything I wanted and still not put weight on.” Sometimes these things can be said negatively and affect me and my self confidence and so my weight has always been something I am conscious of. So that’s where it started but let me tell you it got worse. In my teens, I maxed out at about 7st 6lbs, no matter how hard I tried to be any heavier (whether you see that as a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know!) Then in the last year, when I went through my struggles with my diet, I stopped eating any more than I needed to and dropped to 6st 13lbs. That’s seriously frightening! At the time, I couldn’t see how thin I looked and the only reason I realised was because all of my clothes didn’t fit me. (This is definitely not a plea for everyone to see how thin I was, I hated being so thin and I would have done anything to be heavier and healthier – just to clear that up.)

After being able to get my diet back on track recently, I have made huge steps to increasing my weight. I am so so so pleased that I can share that I have been able to put back on all of my weight and way more. I now weigh 8st 2lbs and still gaining! I am aiming for 8st 7lbs and then my aim is to get fitter and get myself into a fitness routine to hopefully be able to do some charity runs next year hopefully! I look so much healthier now (I think) and I am finally in my life getting compliments on the way I look, instead of nasty sarcastic comments. I am happier than I ever have been and I know people may not completely get why I would share this post when people usually share when they’ve lost weight but for me this is a huge step in my life.


In my eyes, weight isn’t important and as long as you are happy and healthy then you should embrace the body you are in and that’s what I’ve learnt to do. It is good to have personal goals and be choosing your weight for yourself and not because of the comments other people are carelessly saying. Do what you want to do and look the way you want to look – I know you are all beautiful!

So does anyone have some tips for getting into an exercise routine or getting motivated to get my fitness level up?! If you do please let me know in the comments and help me on my next steps of my journey. Happy (nearly, coming very soon) weekend!





5 thoughts on “My Weight Gain Journey

  1. [ Smiles ] Begin with something as simple as walking one block away from your house and back.

    To start a strenuous exercise regime at this point in your life, will only discourage you from staying fit.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day.


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