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Life Update!

Hello lovely people,

It kinda feels weird calling this a life update when I have more become a robot who gets up, goes to placement, does university work, eats and goes to bed, rather than anything exciting! And as for the weekend? I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten what that word means, please could you explain?! Don’t get me wrong, I am sooo grateful for being so close to graduating university and currently being able to embark on such an amazing placement experience but my oh my is it a lot, which is why I wanted to give those of you that want to know, a bit of a life update.


As you probably know, I am in my third and final year of university, which means that I have to complete a social work placement 4 days a week and then I go into university for my lectures for the final day of the week. So in other words, I do the hours and the workload of a full time job during the week but then obviously because I’m still a student, I have to complete the assignments and a portfolio to make sure I actually pass my final year! (Although lucky for me, I don’t have to write a dissertation which is a massive relief!) I absolutely looove everything about university and placement, I honestly do. It just sometimes gets a bit hectic as I’m sure a lot of you know.

Everyone always told me to wait until I got to my final year and how hard it would be. But you know, me being me, I just brushed them off and thought they were just over exaggerating to scare me, but how I was so so so wrong.


My third year has hands down been the most difficult year of my university life and trying to balance my university work with placement and trying to have a life is actually proving pretty difficult. As much as this is an update, it is also a slight apology to those of you who enjoy reading my blog (if there are any of you) and who always show the love and support because it may be going slightly quieter over here. Blogging is something which is a massive hobby to me and I love being able to sit down with my laptop and talk to you guys and so I don’t want it to become a chore because I am worried about getting content out in a rush (let’s face it, it’ll only be rubbish if I do!) I don’t plan to stop or not to get anything published but I think it will be limited to just one post a week, which sadly means the baking is going on a bit of a hold until I have more time – which actually breaks my heart. I’m still here typing away and I’ll always be on my social media (because let’s face it, that’s where I go to procrastinate!) Thank you to every single one of you who is following my blog and social media and who continues to share the love and support because I cannot show my appreciation enough!

I love being at placement and it really is setting my career path for me and I cannot wait to finish university and be free of being a student. I’m looking forward to my future so much and I will 100% be taking you with me on the journey!

Sending allllllll my love,



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