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#TBT to a younger me!

Hey hey hey,

Happy throwback Thursday! Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday, but I didn’t think throwback Thursday made any sense to be posted on a Wednesday! I’ve recently been having a look through some old photos that we have all in a box at home. I find it so nice just to look through them, hear stories about things I don’t remember and reminisce on times I do. I’ve found out a few and I thought it would be nice to share them with you guys, so you get to see me as a child (don’t worry you can laugh at them!)


So this is me as a baby… With a chubby face and huge eyes like that, I’m not sure my mom and dad would ever have got comments like “oh your baby’s so cute.” I’ve grown into my eyes I promise. I thought I’d share this one to show you me as a baby, where I began.


Look at this one! See, dairy intolerance has not always been a thing in my life, I obviously used to enjoy devouring a packet of buttons and getting half of them all over my face and probably the sofa and floor with those chocolate-y fingers. This was taken in my old house – the house I grew up in and that’s the place that will always seem like home to me.


Check me out! I remember that push chair, when I got too big for it I got my mom to keep it so that I could use it to play with and I used to push it around the garden with my dolls in it. A mention to the teddy, that was my all time favourite teddy and I couldn’t go anywhere without him. He had a ribbon around his neck which I used to play with while I sucked my thumb to go to sleep. (My mom once told me if I carried on sucking my thumb then one would be smaller than the other!)


That’s me and my sister, presumably at a petting farm somewhere. I’ve always been an animal lover (not that my face shows it here) but I was probably just grumpy because my sister got to hold it and I didn’t. I think, if you look closely, I am poking the poor guinea pig in the eye! Even as a 22 year old, I would still love going to a petting farm – I love animals.


This was Christmas time and I think I must have had a walkman type thing as a present! I’ve always loved music and I find most of the time I’d rather be listening to music than having the television on, it makes me a lot more productive. Please don’t ask me what that thing is next to me because I don’t know – I think it might have been this inflatable chair thing my sister used to have. Also a little mention to the lovely sofa, wall decorations and curtains – I mean we are going back a few years here!



I told you I’ve always loved baking. Me and my mom used to often back together and of course I had to wear the apron because I was (and still am) an extremely mess baker! I think I need to take this picture as some advice to myself as an adult and go and get myself an apron! The concentration on the one photo is key, that’s how my bakes come out tasting so nice, because of the pure concentration!



And last but by no means least, a little throwback to all of the trips to Disneyland Paris we had when me and my sister were young. I was so lucky to be able to go several times when I was young and it was the one holiday I could guarantee to always look forward to and remember for the rest of my life. The best part was getting to meet all of the characters who used to walk around the park and get their autograph in my little book. (I assure you I did love meeting the characters despite my face on the picture with Tigger – Those characters must have seemed a little bit bigger than the toys I had at home!) Disney is something I will always love.

I chose these photos because I think the things in them still represent the person I am today. I love looking back and realising the things that I did or liked in my childhood and that’s still the same today when I am much older! I had a lovely childhood and I am so lucky. Let me know some of your fondest childhood memories in the comments below, I love hearing people’s stories!

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