Kiss False Lash Review

Hello beautiful people,

I’m sitting at my dressing table getting ready, I’ve done my face, my eyes and my lips but for a while I have been feeling as though my whole look has kind of been missing something – eyelashes. Who doesn’t love long and filled eyelashes to complete the look? Although I do like my natural eyelashes for the natural type make up look, when I go out at the weekend I want to have something more for my look. I have never used false eyelashes before and to be quite honest, the whole idea of putting them on and them actually looking good is quite a daunting idea for me!


Alex Silver PR were so nice and sent me a whole package full of goodies for me to try and within this were 2 packs of Kiss False Eyelashes. I knew this was my time to try them – if I didn’t now, then I never would! A few weekends ago, I had plans to go for a nice meal and drinks so knew this was my perfect opportunity to try them out. I did my make up nice and early to allow myself some time to apply them, just in case I really sucked at putting them on – I even watched a few YouTube videos for top tips!


I decided to try the thinner and more natural looking ones to start off with. The pack comes with the eyelashes (yes, obviously), instructions and some lash glue. You pop a strip of the glue along the line of the lashes – which is a lot easier than I thought it would be and the applicator is perfect for it. You wait for it to dry for 20-30 seconds and then place them on. I tried it first off with the whole tweezers trick but this just wasn’t for me – I couldn’t quite control the eyelash and I could barely see what I was doing!

So I then decided it was better to use my fingers and it was so simple – I was quite impressed with myself. These Kiss lashes go on so perfectly, they are a lovely fit for the eye and they look soooo natural and blend in with your own lashes perfectly. They felt slightly strange when I first put them on because I’ve never worn them before but I soon got used to them and for the rest of the evening I didn’t even feel like I had anything on, they were so light.

These Kiss lashes have honestly converted me to a false eyelash wearer and I am most definitely going to be stocking up with lots of them ready for my nights out and weekends. It is also super handy that you can pick them up in Boots and Superdrug at such an amazing price.

I have only used the one set so far but I couldn’t wait to tell you guys about them (and I know I’m a rubbish blogger for not taking a photo of them on but I rushed out the door because I’m always late!) But I will be for sure wearing the others soon and I’ll post a picture on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me! Thank you again Alex Silver PR for sending me an amazing package, I definitely recommend these lashes, they are so amazing – I was sceptical about them because I’ve never used them before but they were soooo good. Be sure follow Kiss Products on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with their latest looks and products. Of course, let me know if you use or have used the false lashes and your opinions on them in the comments.



5 thoughts on “Kiss False Lash Review

    1. I use my hands instead of tweezers which I find a lot easier mainly. And then just try and get them as close to the lash line as you can, starting in the middle and working out toward the edges ☺️ I’m honestly still not perfect at it but keep practising and you’ll get better honestly ☺️

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