Comparing ourselves to others

Good evening guys,

I think we should have a little chat tonight… Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to other people, whether that’s strangers, friends and family or other people on social media? Well I feel this is the same for a lot of people – including myself and it is something I feel should be less than it seems to be.

It seems so easy to look at everyone else’s life, notice everything they have, what they are being successful at and the things which they have that we don’t. By doing this we become wrapped up in other people’s lives – even people who we don’t even know anything about other than what they advertise and want us to see. Being wrapped up in other people’s lives means we forget about our own successes. We seem to focus on the negatives in our lives, yet the positives of everyone else’s.

I am guilty of it myself. I’ll compare myself to the grades other people get at university, how well people are doing on social media and their blogs and most frequently I compare where I am in my life to where others may be – even if people have been doing things for longer than I have. I’m not logical when I compare myself. Recently, I’ve realised that comparing myself to others is seriously not getting me anywhere or making me do any better – in fact it usually just bums me out and makes me feel terrible about myself for no specific reason.

I’ve learnt that everyone is at their own separate points in their lives and although everything may look as though it is going oh so positively for them, that may be just what they choose to show us. Everyone has their own struggles and I no longer see the point in comparing myself to someone else when everyone’s life is different. And now after reading this, I hope it has encouraged you to kind of think in the same way. I feel like people should be appreciating their own lives and positiveness and not focusing on other people.

Your lives are your own to create and do what you want with and hard work will always pay off if you want it to. Comparing yourself to other people will never get you further in your own life; it will just bring you down. And if you do happen to be doing better than the person you are comparing yourself to, what is that feeling you are feeling? Just be proud of yourself and aim high for your own personal pride. Life is not a competition; it is a personal journey which only you can shape.

I’m obviously not saying that all comparison is bad for you and you should never compare yourself or your life to anything ever again – let’s not be extreme now! I’m just saying I think it is important to consider the purpose of comparing yourself and your life and if it is going to bring you growth and happiness, or get you down when you own life has positives, which you are just not seeing. Be proud of who you are and not wish you were someone else.

To start this off, I want any of you who read this to do me favour, I want you to pick 3 positives about your own life and share them with me either in the comments or on Twitter please.

I’ll start with mine too.

  1. I am finishing university in the next year and then I will (hopefully) be a qualified social worker.
  2. Soon I will be able to move out with my boyfriend who I love with all my heart and start building our own lives together.
  3. I am enjoying my life and everything in it is slowly moving forwards the way I want it to!

Now it’s your turn… and don’t just ignore this, give it a go and make yourself smile!

Thank you for reading.



6 thoughts on “Comparing ourselves to others

  1. Oooh love this, reminds me of that quote ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ it’s so true. I can feel so inadequate after a good comparison session on insta or after seeing how long it takes someone else to get a promotion compared to me.

    Hmmm ok three things: my lovely boyfriend, my family and the fact that we’ve saved up enough to put a deposit on a house next year 🙂 X


    1. Aww thank you lovely! I absolutely love that quote, there are so many things true about it. Yeppp, everyone does and so you just need to remember to look at the positives in your life and not let it get you down!

      I love your 3 things, how exciting will moving out be?! 😬 xx


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