Impress Manicure and Kiss Nail Review

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I want you to think back to when you were younger and you longed to have long, pretty nails and the compromise you’d get from your parents was that you could have the stick on ones and nothing else – anyone else or was this just me? I still long for pretty nails all the time and although I have frequently had acrylic nails done by professionals, I have never found a place that did them just the way I loved, plus they are expensive and can completely ruin your natural nails (not to mention having to get out of your pyjamas and to a salon!) The team at AlexSilverPR  kindly sent me a package which contained both Impress Manicure and Kiss false nails. When I received this, I was so optimistic and excited to try them – in the hope that nail products would have improved since I was 12 and could be the answer to my nail needs! I’m not going to spend the time on this review telling you how to put the nails on because it is literally so simple and the instructions are so clear in the packet anyway.

Impress Manicure Nails



These were the first ones I tried of the two brands. I went for these ones first because from in the packet they looked as though they had quite small sizes and I personally have really petite fingers so tiny nails. The sizes fit perfectly, they ranged so far between the smallest and the largest that I imagine they would literally fit any person. The Impress Manicure nails already have an adhesive tab on them which you can just peel off and stick on. I was worried that this wouldn’t last very long and so I decided to use some of the brush on glue at the same time. (I’m not going to say much on the brush on glue other than it is quite difficult to use, it’s stringy and does get everywhere!) The nails lasted me about a week and I loved them. The one thing I would say about them is that using glue on top of the adhesive tabs make them quite thick and so they don’t sit completely flat to the nail and can have that ‘false nail’ look.

Taking these nails off was so easy too. I soaked them in some acetone based nail polish remover and they just end up peeling off. As for damaging the nails? Absolutely definitely not, they didn’t seem to damage my nails at all – in fact my natural nails grew to a good length and still felt strong.


Kiss Nails



I have not one bad thing to say about these nails – they are soooo amazing. In the pack, comes all the things you will need to put these on – a file, adhesive tabs, glue and the nails. With having both adhesive tabs and glue but nothing on the back of the nails already, means that you can choose which one is better for you. The glue tends to last a lot longer than the adhesive tabs but it is definitely down to personal preference – for me, it is all about the glue. When applying these I couldn’t get over how easy they are to use, yet how secure and natural they feel. I had so many people comment on how lovely they are and ask if they were my own nails because they genuinely looked as though they were – they were shocked when I said I’d done them myself! These lasted me just over a week and I would have kept them on for a lot longer had they have lasted – but I guess it meant that I could change them to a different style sooner so I cannot complain.



Honestly, I absolutely love these nails and it has completely changed my view on doing my own false nails and having them the design I want and looking so super natural. Since trying these I haven’t stopped applying my own false nails and I have a small collection growing. I would probably say that I prefer the Kiss nails purely because they don’t have anything already on the nails and this means they look a lot more natural. I just in general preferred them but that does not mean that the Impress Manicure ones were bad – they were in fact very good! If you are looking to do your nails for yourself whether that be for an occasion or like me that you just want to have pretty nails all of the time, I definitely recommend these. These products have completely won me over and now I can do my nails myself that I always love, are cheaper than having to pay for a professional and I can do them from the comfort of my own home.

Thank you again to the people at AlexSilverPR team for sending me these nails and completely changing my views on false nails! Go over to their Twitter to check them out. While you are there follow Kiss and Impress Manicure to keep up to date and check out their products for yourself. (While you are there follow me on Twitter and Instagram – there will always be nail updates there.) They are also super easy to buy in the UK and are available in both Boots and Superdrug. Thank you for reading again, let me know what you think of my nails or if you do them yourself too in the comments! Have a fabulous weekend my lovelies!



3 thoughts on “Impress Manicure and Kiss Nail Review

  1. Great review seeetie! I had acrylics done just before we went away last week, so I’m a few weeks time when these are done for, I’m really tempted to try a set of these. Like you I just have horrid memories of the cheap fake nails, back when I was 12 and YES that was the compromise with me too haha!
    These really do look natural which I love and can’t believe they lasted a week.

    Love Hannah xx

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    1. Aw thank you hun! You really should, I haven’t stopped doing my own since I started them weeks ago and I can’t see me stopping any time soon. Ah, I’m so glad you had the same compromise as me, but I can tell you they come a long way since those ones! I love them and you’love be seeing mine all the time now 🙊 xx


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