Top Tips for Studying


Recently, I shared with you how I got into university (if you haven’t read it you can do so here) so I thought it would be great, as I go into my third year of university and I know a lot of you are getting back into studying I thought I would share with you some of my top tips for studying.

Be Organised

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to start studying and you have no idea where to begin. I like to have all of my lecture notes organised together so depending on which module I’m studying that day, I just have to get one folder out. It’s not ideal having to get organised and hunt around for things before you even begin studying – that ends up eating away a lot of your time and if you’re like me you get to the end of the day and realise you’ve done nothing but tidy up! If it’s already organised from the moment you go to wherever you study then you’re instantly in the right frame of mind. (Trust me, I never used to be organised, it’s something which has come with studying and balancing my time.)

Set Small Goals

When I first started university I would think I was doing good by making myself a long to do list of everything I wanted to complete – but then I’d get really disheartened by the time the end of the day came and I’d crossed off 3 things! It takes away from the positives of actually getting things done. I felt like I was getting nowhere and knew something had to change. During my second year I decided to start setting myself smaller goals which would be more achievable in one day. For instance, when I am writing an assignment I aim to have maybe the introduction done or three main paragraphs. I now find I am reaching more of my goals, something even doing more than I planned and that makes me feel fabulous!

Have a work space away from your bed!

I kind of got into the habit when I was studying from home to do it all in/on my bed. Which is yes, comfortable but not exactly the best routine. I suddenly felt like I never left my room and had no space away from studying because my room was being related to studying. I decided to get myself a desk and always study from there and not in my bed and it has helped a lot. I would definitely say one of the most important things is having a space specifically designed for work and not anything else.

Make plans and work to deadlines

I’m a person that has to have a plan in everything in life and without one I feel extremely flustered and pressured. My top tip here is to work to your deadlines and complete assignments or work in the order in which they have to be handed in – don’t get in the habit of doing what you enjoy first and leaving the other stuff till the end because this will just make you more panicky. Sometimes you need to spend more time on the things you enjoy/understand less so that it is the best it can be.

Have regular, scheduled breaks

Working constantly all day with no breaks is not good for anyone – you lose concentration and your work will not be up to your usual standard if you are tired or bored but forcing your fingers to type. At the start of the day I always schedule when I am going to have mini breaks and then a break for my lunch – much like what you do when you are at work. I also give myself a time frame for how long the breaks will be – not everyone will find this tip useful but I have to be strict with myself otherwise if I have a break I will never return back to my desk. In these breaks make sure you grab some food or a snack and stay hydrated.

So what do you think? These are some of my top tips for studying and how I like to make sure I get the most out of my studying time – because lets face it, it goes quickly. I am so excited to start my third and final year at university but I know I needed to refresh my studying tips myself before I start because I’ve had a fair amount of time off over the summer. (You always seem to forget how to study so easily!) Have you got any other tips to help me study, all the more are welcome please?! Good luck to all of you, whether you are returning to studying or starting fresh – you’ll smash it! Don’t forget to like and follow me on here and my social media.




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