Shadow Switch Review

Hey guys,

Every time I apply my eye shadow look, I end up using 601 brushes just to achieve the exact look I am after and so not to end up getting the darker eye shadow all over the lighter eye shadow because it’s transferred from the brush – and surely I cannot be the only one?! Having to wash make up brushes is the tiresome job that nobody really wants to do and it’s especially annoying when you are mid make up look and run out of brushes for colours that you actually want to use!


The team from Dee&Co are working with Beauty Essentials  and were really lovely and sent me the Shadow Switch to try! This product is ideal between eye shadows to dry clean your brushes so that it is super easy to swap between colours – I have to be honest I had massive high hopes for this product. It was something I was hoping would complete my make up collection because I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

This product comes in a cute little tin so it isn’t going to take up a lot of space where ever you store your make up and it’s got a little circle sponge/pad inside which works the magic. So the idea is, you use your eye shadow brush for your first colour and then swirl it around on the sponge in the tin to dry clean it, ready for the next colour. This works soooo well, I cannot recommend it enough. You can literally see the product coming off the brush and onto the sponge with no real effort  I couldn’t believe it would be clean and when I swatched it on the back of my hand there was literally no colour product left on it!


Using this now, I literally use one brush to pack on the colours and then one just to blend it out a bit better – I no longer need an array of brushes just to achieve one look and then clean them after for the next time I want to do my eyes. Who needs the hassle when you can have the shadow switch for £5.99 off Amazon?!


It is recommended that you take the sponge out and give it a good clean like you would with make up brushes every now and again – but I am more than willing to do this if it saves me time and effort of cleaning all of my make up brushes, all of the time! I love everything about this product and it really is going to be a staple in my make up collection from now on. Be sure to go and have a look for yourself over on Amazon and follow Beauty Essentials on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with their products. Thank you to the team for sending me this product and letting me try it out, it’s perfect! Now it’s your guys time to bag yourself one and quick! Don’t forget to let me know what you think if you already have one or are thinking of getting one.



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