Monkey Forest

Good evening guys,

140 monkeys and no divide between you and them is my idea of a great day out! Trentham monkey forest is a walkthrough experience where you get to see the monkeys in their own natural environment, learn about the monkeys during talks and watch their feeding times. When I heard about this place, I knew I wanted to go and what better excuse than for my birthday weekend?!

I didn’t really know what to entirely expect from this experience but it really was much more than I could ever imagine. Although you cannot touch the monkeys and they do warn you not to get too close or to come across as a threat to the monkey because they will react – it is such an amazing idea. You walk around the trail and every which way there will be monkeys climbing, running and swinging all for you to enjoy and grab pictures of. They actually come extremely close to you when they walk across the path and when they are just chilling on the grass; they are not bothered by the people being so close. (Some of the images I’ve taken are not zoomed in at all, they really are that close.)



Monkeys are one of my most favourite animals and to get up close to them was so exciting. I have to say the little baby ones were my favourite and they are by far the cutest little animals I have ever seen. And to have them and their family brush literally right past your legs was incredible. It sounds so bizarre but I literally could have been in there for hours and I wouldn’t have got bored of just watching them, they are so unpredictable. We even got to watch some squabbles as some of the other monkeys got too close to a father and his baby and they quickly got chased away – you don’t want to be in the way then!



You never know where they are going to be or where you should be looking so you don’t miss a thing. They can be quite funny animals and when they are playing together and swinging and falling from the trees you really don’t want to miss it! Mind you, there’s always something else happening soon after if you do!



This was such a great experience and one of those days that would never be the same, no matter how many time you went. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone – you won’t regret it! I had the best birthday weekend ever and this topped it off lovely! Have you been anywhere recently that you would recommend? I love finding new places to go, so love suggestions from people!

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You can check out their website here.


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