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Helloooo again,

So as of next week, I return back to university for my third and final year of studying and we all know what this calls for… a stationary haul! The best thing about going back to university and something I love going to do, is buying all new stationary, ready to be organised for the year ahead. I often use the stationary I buy as a way to aim to be entirely organised and not let myself fall behind before I’ve even started!

Copper Tray £4 and Desk Organiser £3 – Wilkinsons

Anything copper coloured, you can guarantee I am going to love and will struggle not to buy so when I saw this, I knew it was exactly what my desk needed. For the past 2 years I have plodded through my work and my desk has ended up quite a dumping ground, so this year I thought these would be quite useful in getting my study space organised. I’ll probably use the tray for loose sheets of paper, notes and handouts. In the organiser, I’ll put things like my pens, memory stick and post it notes in.

Pens £0.75 each pack – Wilkinsons

Who doesn’t need a whole collection of pens ready to start university?! I always go with way more than I need for the times when people ask to borrow a pen but never return it or you somehow lose them under books and at the bottom of your bag! I like to have all different coloured pens to make my note taking look a bit more interesting.

Pencils £1 – Wilkinsons

To go with the pens, who doesn’t need a pencil? I mainly use the pencils to write things in my diary, I hate writing appointments in my diary in pen for them to then be changed or cancelled and I have to cross them out and it gets messy! So I write them in pencil until they are confirmed and then I am happy to write them in pen. Call me weird, that’s fine!

Highlighters £2 – Wilkinsons

I haven’t worked out why this style highlighter was a lot cheaper than the normal looking ones and these ones look so much cuter? I love to use a highlighter in texts, my notes and to cross off things on my to do list so for me these are a must have in my stationary hauls.

Index Post It Notes £0.50 and Square Post It Notes £1 – Wilkinsons

These are a standard and by the end of the university year I will no doubt have these stuck all over my desk, walls and in my text books. They are super useful for making notes or remembering pages.

Butterfly Notebook £1.25 – Wilkinsons & Striped Notebook £1.99 – The Range

I’m really funny about my notebooks for studying and I have to have separate notebooks for each module or I get myself very confused and unorganised when I come back to looking through my lecture notes ready to complete assignments and things. I also have to have different designs on the front too so that I can differentiate easily – there’s nothing worse than getting to a lecture and realising you have picked up the wrong book to write in.

Patterned document folders £0.80 each – Wilkinsons

In a bid to be as organised as possible but with as little effort and things to carry in my bag at university, I got these to store all of the handouts and loose sheets of paper that you get given during a lecture or have to print out. If I’m going to lose anything – it’s these loose pieces of paper and so I need somewhere I can easily put them and remember where they will be when I come to needing them. I also have to have these in separate patterns – one for each module.

Portfolio Folder £3 – Wilkinsons

One thing I learnt from placement last year, was you kind of want to have all of your things in one easy place because you are up and about all of the time and you need to be able to take things with you. I found this and thought it would be ideal as I can clip things to the outside for reminders, use the space inside to pop bits of paper and documents and then a space to write notes. I know this won’t be the end of my placement stationary but I like to get started first, to figure out what I need because at the moment I’m not sure what to expect – and I don’t want to buy a load of things and then not need them.

Notes and Scribbles Pad & Weekly Organisers – Home Bargains

Sooo I lost the receipt so I’m not sure on the price but they really weren’t expensive (I told you I’m useless with loose bits of paper.) These are items which will be left on my desk at home for when I am studying. I like to have a place where I can jot down notes and things which pop into my head as I work – if I don’t make a note of them then I forget what I was thinking almost immediately. I love how I can do this with the notes and scribbles page which sits on a little clipboard. I also have to have my week organised, so that I have a plan as to what I am going to study each day – if I don’t so this I’ll always study the module which I enjoy the most and never do anything else!! I love this little pad and how I can fill in my weekly plans and then have a space for notes and a to do list.

Diary £4 – Tesco

Possibly the most important item of the whole stationary haul and the one thing that is always going to keep me organised is a diary. I have to have a diary which has a day to page view because of my style placement, where I have to make appointments and meetings, I need to be able to fill it in clearly, as well as having aspects of my personal life in it. I loved this diary because it feels so soft, it’s a gorgeous colour and it is simple with a discrete pattern on it. (I’m trying to look like an adult and professional if I can!)

That’s all my stationary so far – but I’m sure there’ll be more to come as I get settled into university and think of other things which will be useful. As you can see I got most of my things from Wilkinsons and I have to say their stationary range is so broad and pretty, I probably could have brought it all! I am now so excited to start university and this shop has put me in the right, organised mindset. (I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I graduate and go into full time work – I’ll have to make annual trips for new stationary things!) I hope you liked my post and the things I brought – what was your favourite item? Let me know, and please don’t forget to like and follow me.




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