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22 Facts About Me at 22!

Hello chums,

It’s my birthday week!! On Monday I turned 22 – my 21st literally seems like 5 minutes ago so I’m really not sure how it has been a year already! As I turn 22 I thought I’d share with you guys 22 facts about myself (I’m not sure if you’ll find them very interesting but I’ve tried to pick things that you may not know about me.) There’s no particular order to these either, it’s just the order I’ve thought of them. So let’s get on…

  1. Elderflower is my favourite flavour
  2. I’ve never been stung by a wasp or a bee – and I’m really scared in case I get stung and I end up being allergic!
  3. My right knee cap doesn’t sit in the right place so I struggle with it sometimes
  4. When I was younger I played the flute and got to play in a band in the Symphony Hall in Birmingham (that’s quite a big deal if you are a music player I think)
  5. I’ve only had my blog just over a month
  6. I’m a massive over thinker
  7. My favourite type of food is Mexican
  8. I would love to travel the world over my lifetime
  9. I have a big fear of spiders – I know a lot of people do but I’ve been known to get a bit hysterical, but I’m working on it!
  10. I hate clutter and I have to have things organised
  11. I need to have a plan for everything and I can’t deal if this plan changes at the last minute
  12. I passed my driving test first time with 0 minors
  13. I love love love baking
  14. I’m dairy intolerant
  15. My favourite snack is grapes dipped in salad cream – I used to have grapes in my salad when I was younger and obviously salad cream goes on a salad and since then it’s been a favourite of mine
  16. I’ve never broken a bone – I fractured my arm once but never broken anything (I also would like not to as well, thanks)
  17. I own a cocker spaniel, Maisie and I would love to have more dogs
  18. I spend too much money on clothes
  19. I have 3 tattoos and I would love to have more
  20. I enjoy going walking and finding new places
  21. I memorise song lyrics better than I can revise for exams
  22. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason

So there you go, 22 things you now know about me which you may not before you read this post – I hope! I find it so difficult to think of facts about myself when I want to because I really don’t believe I have any interesting facts that others would even care about but I hope I did an alright job!

Are any of these facts the same for you? Please share anything interesting about yourself in the comments below, I like getting to know the people who read my blog! Don’t forget to head over to my social media too!



7 thoughts on “22 Facts About Me at 22!

  1. This is a really good idea for a blog post. I’m 22 in December and know exactly how you feel when you said your 21st feels like yesterday. Its so scary how fast time goes!


  2. I love elderflower syrup! I like to mix it with sparkling water. I can’t believe you’ve had the blog for only one month. Looks so professional


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