August Favourites

Hello and welcome to September!!

Where has the time gone?! Another month, another bunch of favourites. I’ve been on a spending ban this month because of having no money until I go back to university and I’m waiting to start a new job. I haven’t really been trying new products and have found that this means my favourites is a bit varied but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Marks and Spencer’s Honeysuckle 3 in 1 body, room and linen spray

This was such a random buy recently. My mom happened to be buying something at the till and I fell for the trick of them strategically placing items in the queue for you to look at and then end up buying. Place any perfume or smelly product near me and my natural instinct makes me pick it up and smell it – even if I don’t really want to! When I smelt this spray, it smelt amazing and so so fresh! It is designed to be a room, body and linen spray so you can literally spray it everywhere (which I take massive advantage of) and it makes it all smell so nice! The one thing that makes me sad is that it was on sale and I fear they may not be continuing it!

Haribo Jelly Beans

Bit of a blast from the past. I randomly ate some of these when I was out recently and realised just how much I love Jelly Beans and miss having them to eat – and when you mix it with Haribo how much better can you get?! I haven’t stopped eating these since and I would hate to think how many I’ve actually consumed!

NYX Matte Lipstick in shade MLS19 Euro Trash

This is a very recent purchase when I recently visited the NYX stand in my local Boots store. I have to say on that note, I was extremely disappointed with how little stock they had left – I know it’s a popular brand but in lipsticks they had barely anything left bar the lipgloss. After rummaging through the mix up of lipsticks I found this one. I love these lipsticks because they dry matte without making your lips look cracked and feeling heavy in make up – I barely know I have it on. The shade of it makes me feel very autumnal and although I don’t want to be thinking about that yet, I couldn’t help but imagine wearing this with a jumper, boots and wooly hat!

Garnier Miscellar Water

I’ve seen this around a lot recently and read a fair few good reviews on it so I thought I’d buy it and try it for myself. Can I just mention that I brought this in Primark for £2.50 for a big bottle which is considerably cheaper than any beauty store I went in whilst I was shopping. I’ve used it a few times and I can honestly say it is amazing. I haven’t felt as though I have taken my make up off as well as I did when using this miscellar water. You know you sometimes end up with that feeling that there’s still make up in your pores? Well this will get rid of that feeling and leave you with a fresh, make up free face. I’m hoping in the long run of using it, it will help clear up my skin a bit. We all know what a nightmare taking make up off is before bed but it just got a bit easier with this!

F&F Earrings

I mainly brought these because of the copper colour ones – I have a slight obsession at the moment! I loved the circular shape with the glitter in the middle of a solid border. I liked how you got 3 pairs of the same earring but in different colours because I often find with multipacks there are always some of them which I never end up wearing. I just love everything about them.

Avon Dry Ends Hair Serum

I have been using this for a long time now as a bid to replenish my hair and get rid of the dry ends that come with using heat a lot of the time. They have recently changed the formula of this and if it is possible, it has got even better! You just rub the serum into the ends of damp hair and once it is dry it literally feels so smooth and silky – I love it and I definitely can’t see me stopping using this for a while!

So there’s y favourites for August. It’s not an extensive amount this month because I haven’t been spending much money on new things but I absolutely love the little things I have chosen. Not spending has also made me look at other things I’ve had for ages but never featured as a favourite and rekindled my love for them. Have you got any favourites for this month? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,

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