Lets Talk Body Confidence

Hello again,

Body confidence is definitely something I have wanted to talk about for a while but didn’t really feel like I was in the right place in myself to discuss it before – but I am now. This is an important topic to me because I want people to feel comfortable in their bodies and be proud of the person that they are. ย When I was going through finding out I am dairy intolerantย I lost nearly 2 stone in weight because I didn’t want to eat and felt like I couldn’t eat without feeling poorly. This was horrifying for me because I am a naturally slim person so to lose that much weight is really not healthy for me. After finding out what was wrong with me and getting a hold on my eating and anxiety I have gone back to being the food lover I have always been and I have managed to put all of my weight (if not more) back on! I am now happier with my body than I have ever been and I feel much more confident in myself than I ever have.

Body confidence is such a big issue in life today and I know a lot of people are not happy with the way they look and try to cover up as much as they can. I find this so sad and I genuinely believe people should embrace the body they have been given and be proud and confident in the person they are.

I know people reading this are going to think, how can I write about body confidence when I am slim and don’t have anything to not be confident about – I know I hear it a lot. But let me let you into a secret, being slim and having people comment on it is just as awkward and confidence knocking as doing it to anyone else. I’ve always been told how thin I am, how there is nothing to me and I must be able to eat what I want – I was once even threatened by a girl in a toilet on a night out because apparently I could pull off an outfit that she wouldn’t be able to! So yeah, it is just as upsetting for people who are thing too. I got very self conscious about whether I was too thin and had too much of a nice figure and whether I should hide it away so that people didn’t see it and feel offended by it in some way! I even struggled to accept any kind of compliment from anyone because I had the thoughts from what other people had said stuck in my mind – negative always seem to stand out more than positives don’t they?

I soon realised it is not my body that is the issues or the clothes which I am wearing but the mindset of others. I now show off my body (in an appropriate way of course), buy clothes which suit my figure and try and embrace what makes me different from other people. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I feel low about myself or I catch a glimpse of myself when I am getting changed and spot something I don’t like about myself. In these times, I honestly try and stop and think of a positive comment about myself to appreciate the good things I have and be appreciative of myself.

People’s body confidence can be affected a lot of the time by people’s comments and unkind words. Next time you think something or want to say something I want you to think about how you would feel if someone said it to you and whether it’s actually something nice to say to someone. We should be praising people, saying nice things and complimenting each other. There’s a lot of nastiness in the world and if we can brighten one persons’ day don’t you think we should?

I really wanted to write this post because I worry for the young girls growing up in today’s world and having the pressures to look a certain way and doing everything they can to look this way – even if it isn’t healthy for them. I want people to love themselves and then other people can love them just as much. I know this post isn’t going to heal the world and every persons’ mindset but if one of you can take something from this post that will make me more than happy!

Thank you so much for reading, I’d love to hear some of your experiences or comments on this topic, I’m always open for a chat of course! Don’t forget to head over to my Twitter too where we can chat more and share comments!

Remember to always love yourself and be confident in the person you are – I know it’s not easy all of the time but try and tell yourself positives about you and brighten other people’s days. Your challenge today (or whatever day you read this) is to compliment at least one person and make them smile.

Spread the positivity…

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7 thoughts on “Lets Talk Body Confidence

  1. I loved reading blog post as it is a topic very dear to my heart. I am slim, like you, and have really struggled with body confidence ever since I was in secondary school. You have made some brilliant points here and I completely agree with you that body confidence is about your mind set, not how you look. Everyone will have parts of their body they dislike but we need to embrace them as it makes you who you are. Well done on an amazing blog post x


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