Billy and Me Review

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Another book review and this time for Giovanna Fletcher’s book Billy and Me. After finishing my last book I was really stuck on what to read – I am quite rubbish at just picking books from reading the blurb and would much rather read a book from recommendations or by people who I have heard of. I chose this book because not only do I know who Giovanna is but I love her work and this book has been given some amazing reviews. So a bit about the plot without giving too much of the story away that it ruins it!ย 

Sophie has lived a life with a secret which changed the path of her life resulting in her staying and working in her home town. Unexpectedly she meets and falls in love with a famous actor who happens to be filming in her town. She has a whirlwind romance with Billy but the pressures of his acting career and being whisked into the limelight, which comes with being a celebrities girlfriend puts strains on their relationship. The big question is whether they will make it through and if Sophie will ever share the secret she has been shying away from. Sounds good right?!

Personally I have to be gripped by a story from the first few chapters otherwise it takes me ages to carry on reading or I give up. With Billy and Me, I felt as though the start moved quite slowly for me although it was written very well and was interesting, it just hadn’t gripped me. But with this lingering reference to some kind of secret which I was hoping would come out, I continued to read – and I am SO glad I did.

As the story continued, I became so invested in Sophie’s character, I was genuinely hoping for her to get the very best out of her life and for her relationship with Billy to get the happy ending they deserved. The story becomes a bit of an emotional rollercoaster as it comes towards the ending – no spoliers – and as a massive surprise to me, I cried. I’m not talking a tear rolling down the cheek, I’m talking full on sobbing – both for happy and sad reasons! This was so unexpected as the story takes a twist and I have never cried at a book in my life – so credit to Giovanna.

The story is so well written, develops into an amazing story line with unexpected twists and turns and ends just as you don’t want it to. I, for sure, cannot wait to read the next book of Giovanna’s and see what happens in the next part of Sophie’s adventure!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review and it has inspired you to read this book because I would highly recommend it! Don’t forget to give the blog a like if you enjoyed it and always let me know some more book recommendations in the comments below please. Also head over to my social media by the links below and be sure to follow.

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