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Hello everyone,

This post is something I’ve been excited to write and I am extremely proud of becoming a part of it with both Kimberley and Becky. We had begun discussing Kimberley’s story of telling her mom and boyfriend about her blog when we realised that everyone who blogs has their own story and it would be amazing if we created a platform where people could share their story for others to read. The tag sounds crazier than it is, we are using the tag #thecomingouttag and it is purely a place that we want bloggers to share their blogging story using the questions we provide as a guide (but please don’t feel confined to them, they are just to help you get started.)

So we have decided to tell you our coming out stories first and now we want you guys to continue the tag and share your stories on their journey with us! Be sure to get everyone involved and let us know your story by using the hashtag #thecomingouttag. Enjoy wiritng!

so here we go with my story…

  1. Why did you start blogging?

I am very new to blogging and my story isn’t really as interesting as some peoples. However I was reading people’s blogs and watching vlogs in my spare time to take my attention away from university and studying. It suddenly hit me that I have always enjoyed writing and I thought blogging is definitely something I would want to do; to share my stories, my personal experiences and if one person reads it and I help them then that makes me more than happy!

2. Who have you come out to?

I think this question would be easier for me if it was who I haven’t come out to! Literally everyone knows about my blog since the moment I started it. People close to me, I told specifically I was going to start a blog and discussed the whole process with them and they all fully supported my decision. As for others, I haven’t necessarily come out directly to them but they are all aware of my blog because I am so open about it on my personal social media etc. If people ask, I’ll tell them.

3. How long did it take you to come out?

Although everyone knew bout my blog from the moment I started it, I have to say I was very nervous whilst I was thinking about starting a blog and having the discussion with my family and boyfriend because I honestly didn’t know how they would react to it. It probably took me a few months to pluck up the courage to tell them and then get it all started and set up. Once the closest people to me know, then it was easy for me to let everyone else know straight away.

4. What effect has coming out had on you?

Having my blog and coming out to everyone has been a massive help to me and my life. I was going through rough times because I started writing but having a place where I can write honestly and have people read it, support me and talk with has made me happier, more confident and more content. I honestly feel like it has provided me with a kind of therapy. Having the support of my family, friends and boyfriend has been amazing and made me realise that they really will be there for me no matter what kind of crazy idea I end up having. Even if they don’t understand whatever I’m talking about they’ll always listen and go along with my jibber jabber. And last but by no means least, how can I forget my blogging community?! I honestly have made some of the most amazing friends through my blog and they have been amazing and so lovely to me that I am so overwhelmed. They me for who i am and what I write about and I couldn’t wish for better people to be sharing this experience with! I feel like I am in a place where I can talk openly and honestly and allow people to read it and be able to take things from what I say. This is by far the best decision I’ve made in a while which I’m so glad I chose to be so open about – I love it!

Thank you for reading about my coming out story – I’m sorry it’s not more interesting! I literally cannot wait to hear your stories so be sure to your coming out tag, get it published and tag us and #thecomingouttag on Twitter for us to read them!

All of my love,

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