The Blogs New Header!


So as you can see, my blogs had a recent update with a nice new header! When I first started blogging I wasn’t really aware of the things which I would need to make my website look better and more appealing to people. I went for a while with a header that I had put together myself and thought would do whilst I found my feet in blogging. 

So after enjoying blogging more that I thought I would and actually having people visit my site(thank you by the way), I thought it was time to get myself sorted with a proper header. I reached out to people on Twitter to find out whether anyone knew of any people that would be able to design me something – because I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to things like that! A few people were recommended to me, which I really appreciated and so I took a look at their sites to see their work.

I chose to ask EmmysBeautyCave if she would be able to design me something. Although everyone’s headers looked amazing, I decided to ask Emma because her designs were fab, the information on her website was so clear and I somehow felt confident with her. I was totally unsure what I wanted my header to look at but I told her colours I liked, the writing style I wanted and images I had in mind. She sent me 5 designs she drafted up and I loved a separate thing about each one, so I let her know the parts I liked as I got more of an idea what I wanted myself. She responded sooo quickly with changes to the designs and they were literally perfect. I instantly fell in love with the one I’ve chosen so I let her  know and finalised everything. I was so excited to get this new look up onto my blog (and hopefully you guys like it too). She was also super duper kind and designed some text, in the same style as my header without the background to use at the end of my blog posts.

This post is not only to show you my new header but mainly to praise and recommend the work of Emma! I cannot thank her enough for her work, being so speedy and literally taking the ideas which were in my imagination and making them into the perfect header which I LOVE! I would highly recommend Emma if any of you are thinking of getting a new header and would like someone else to do it for you! I’ll be sure to leave all of her link below and you should definitely check her out! I hope you like my blogs new look and be sure to go and read some of my other posts!

Thank you for reading!

Love Emily Signature 220x110


Make sure you go and check them out! x



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