Primark Haul

Hey lovelies,

With shopping being one of my favourite things but being a student means I am low on funds, I decided to hit Primark. For so long now Primark has been letting me down by not really fitting into the trends that I wanted to buy into so never having anything I actually really wanted to buy. This may have been my views before, but since my most recent Primark haul my views have completely changed and I could have probably brought the whole shop – if I had the money! 

I went in with the aim that I needed some new items ready for when I go back to university and start my placement – I’ve apparently got to look smart casual and this is a style I particularly struggle with because of fear I’ll look too casual or too smart (and not in the middle!)But of course as well as these things, I couldn’t resist getting some extra bits too.

Slim Fit Checked Trousers £8

I have been looking for a pair of checked trousers for a long time, but didn’t want to spend over the odds for them because I wasn’t sure how much I would actually wear them. I love that the material isn’t that of a ‘formal business wear’ trouser but a lot more casual and comfortable. With the grid print on them I think they look a lot more casual. I am likely to pair these with a plain white tee and cardigan to dress them down.

Cold Shoulder Grey Dress £8

This was one of those items which catches your eye and there’s no point thinking about it because you know you’re going to buy it because you simply love it?! I love that the almost pinstripe look of the dress (I know it’s hard to tell in the picture) makes it seem very smark but the bodycon style with the cold shoulder makes it seem a lot more casual. I normally wear a size 8 but with Primark’s tight dresses I have to buy a size 10, otherwise I look as though I’m trying to squeeze into a dress that doesn’t fit!

Metal Trim Loafer Sale Price £5

This is maybe my favourite purchase of the whole haul – possibly! I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes which I can wear for occasions when heels are too much but I don’t want to wear trainer like placement – I don’t really currently have anything in between unless I wear sandals! I absolutely adore the colour and the finer detail of the gold on the front. I featured a pair similar to these in my August Fashion Wishlist but these are even better when they are on sale and only cost £5!

Pink Choker Style Top £8

Soooo we may now be onto the items which I didn’t really need to buy but I have no self control and I liked them! I absolutely love this new choker neck line trend that is going on, but a lot of the time I struggle to buy it because a lot of shops seem to make the neck line extremely low and that just makes me feel really uncomfortable – it’s just not for me I guess! Primark’s take on this style is more for me though, everything about the top sits perfectly from the choker around the neck to the neck line not revealing my entire upper body! And just a quick mention to the colour, is this summer or what?! Last time I wore this was for a party and I paired it with a pair of leather look trousers and black heels.

Blue and White Stripe Maxi Skirt

I’ve had this style skirt in mind for quite some time now, since seeing it on other people and looking so lovely. I guess I am fortunate that I am tall enough to wear maxi dresses and skirts because I love them. This skirt is so simple yet can be dressed up in different ways and adaptable to most outfits. I like that this is an option even when the weather isn’t as sunny and warm as I would like it because of it being long – it keeps my legs warmer! On a general basis I pair this with a plain white tee and my white converse.

Grey Long Waterfall Cardigan £10

This price MAY be wrong – I’ve lost the receipt and this I brought on a different splurge that the others but I wanted to include it. Its another simple item but I just really liked that it was a longer cardigan with a waterfall front. I like cardigans which have a little bit more detail to them so that they can be versatile dependent on what I am wearing. There were so many different colours but I chose grey because I felt as though it would go with most things I am likely to wear it with.

It may not have been the biggest haul but neither is my bank balance but there it is – my Primark haul. They’ve definitely won me back and I can safely say I will be having a nose around the store every time I go shopping now! If there is ever a day I can buy Primark online – I will be poor! Let me know if you’ve brought any clothes recently which you love in the comments and don’t forget to like and follow my blog and head on over to my social media too.

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