Top Tips for Dairy Intolerance

Hello again,

So if you read my post not long ago, I have recently found out I am dairy intolerant. If you haven’t read that post, pause your reading and catch up on that here so that this post makes sense. But make sure you come back here to carry on.

I am by no means an expert at this stuff because I am also so new to it but I thought it would be useful to give you some of the top tips that I have found and thing I’ve learnt, to help any of you which may be dairy free by choice or unable to eat it like me! 

1.Dairy Free Chocolate

This has to go at number one because it is literally my favourite find. When I first found out I was dairy intolerant the thing I was most upset about was the thought of nott being able to eat chocolate again (I have a bit of a sweet tooth!) But do not fear, there are so many dairy free alternative chocolates which taste so delicious. Holland and Barrett and Tesco’s are probably my top 2 favourites. (In fact Holland and Barrett are a bit of a winner for my intolerance!)

2.Dairy Free Ice Cream

Going on the theme of being a sweet tooth, I am a massive fan of ice cream and having a pudding – which is obviously also effected by not being able to eat dairy. I have found a brand called Swedish Glace which makes dairy free ice cream – it is soya based. They do vanilla, chocolate and I’ve recently found a magnum style ice cream too! They taste just like any other ice cream to me. My family and friends who have tried it agree too. A winner!

3.Soya Milk

One of the things I wasn’t all that bothered about was not being able to have milk. I ‘ve never really enjoyed milk and much prefer to find an alternative for my breakfast in general. After being convinced to at least try a milk alternative, I went for soya milk. I am so glad I did because I LOVE it. It’s got quite a sweet taste and I’ve heard a lot of people don’t like it because of this. However, I think because I don’t really like normal milk, this one for me is so much nicer and I am now a massive cereal lover.


Sometimes searching the shelves to get the right product that is actually dairy free and you are happy with is hard. Alpro is the answer! They are a dairy free specific brand so you can be sure that whenever you buy the bran you are getting 100% dairy free. Their yogurts are so yummy and I don’t think you can tell the difference either.

5.Mayonnaise Myths

This is just one i had to include in this list after I struggled for so long being confused about whether I could or couldn’t have mayonnaise. Some people tell you it’s fine and some say it’s a no go! All I want to say here is, you CAN eat mayonnaise, as long as you are not allergic or intolerant to egg then it is fine – egg is not dairy!

6.KFC Popcorn Chicken

This is one mistake I made very recently! KFC is my one weekend takeaway of coice and I have been fine with eating it, even now I am dairy intolerant – until I ate popcorn chicken a few weeks ago. I fancied a change from my usual meal and so I chose popcorn chicken until around an hour after eating it I suddenly had horrible stomach ache and felt horrendously sick. After doing some research on their website I found that their recipe for the popcorn chicken has milk in it – I’m not sure where but I know I won’t be eating it again!

7.Onion Rings

These are a very difficult one and one to check before you eat them. Some onion rings say they do have milk in them and others don’t – I presume they coat them in milk to fry them like they do with pastry. The best thing to do with this is just to check whenever you want onion rings to be on the safe side – unless you home make them!

8.Restaurant Menus

When I first found out about being dairy intolerant I was quite embarrassed about it and didn’t want to mention it to anyone – I was just getting my head around it and I didn’t want to be faced with questions and difficulties I didn’t know the answer to. After overcoming this, I have found that restaurants are so clued up on allergies that every one I have been to so far has been able to provide me with a special allergy menu which let me know what ingredients are in the food and if I am able to eat them – some places will even change your meal slightly if you need it. Don’t be afraid of what you can’t eat, embrace your allergy and work around it.

9.Calcium Tablets

Calcium is super important – especially for us women and so when you cannot eat dairy it is important to make sure that your calcium levels are still high. Although some of the products that I eat still contain calcium, my doctor recommended that I should take calcium supplements too. These are so readily available and I think I brought mine from Boots. I don’t take them as much as I should do – I brought the vanilla flavour thinking they would taste nice and they don’t. I’ve also not had to think about taking supplements before but I am working on it!

10.Vegan Labels

Just a quick tip – if the label says it is suitable for vegans then it is suitable for you if you can’t eat dairy. Vegans obviously choose not to eat a lot more things than people with dairy intolerance, but the vegan label is good to look out for on something you are possibly not sure about.

There you have it – some of my top tips for being dairy free. Thank you for reading and I hope some of these tips have helped. I’d love to hear about some of your experiences or top tips you have found in the comments! And don’t forget to like and follow my blog and head over to my social media too!

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