OOTD – Wedding Reception


We all know how important it is to get the right outfit for the right occasion. For us women, this can take weeks of planning, looking through the internet and searching through the shops just to find a few possible selections! Every wedding I have ever been to, I have always been part of the brides party as a bridesmaid and so have been given the dress to wear – easy peasy! This time I attended the evening reception as a guest and the thought of finding the right outfit really made me anxious. You know you need to look really nice and summery for this time of the year but you also feel so conscious of being a bit too nicely dressed and looking like part of the bridal party!

My hunting for the right style outfit started a few months back when I had a look at the type of dresses which were possibilities for the evening. I became extremely fond of big floral print in either a skirt or a dress and knew this was the pattern I was going to go for. I have to admit after choosing the style, I spent a long time debating whether I needed to buy anything new or if I could get away with something out of my wardrobe and save myself some money.

So with just over a week to go, I decided I didn’t want to wear anything out of my wardrobe and wanted to buy something new. With the bits of nice sunshine we have been having recently I decided I wanted to go for a light summery style and I hit the internet. To be honest, when I’m shopping it really never takes me long to find things which I like, so actually buying the outfit was easier than I thought. I just had to make sure it all fit and looked nice once it arrived!

So this is what I went for…

When these items came and I tried them on together, I LOVED them. I literally cannot get over the quality of them for such a good, cheap price! The top fits so nicely so it doesn’t feel like it is going to fall down and reveal a bit too much of yourself! The skirt, well I cannot praise this skirt enough; it is comfortable, bright and thick (so it isn’t thin and see through, for the world to see your pants!) As for the shoes, I have had these black heels for ages, they are literally so comfortable and not too high so my feet weren’t killing by the end of the night. New Look is definitely a place I go to get my shoes, they are all so perfect! As for the coat… this was kind of a late minute addition because typical England decided it wanted to rain! I brought this coat from New Look a few months ago because I wanted a coat which could be worn for any occasion and dressed up or down. It really has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since!

There are so many things from Boohoo which I could have chosen and there are so many unrelated things which I wanted to buy – Boohoo you have won my heart and I’ll most definitely be back!

Thank you for reading and I really hope you liked my choice of outfit for the wedding. We had a wonderful night at a venue which was truly beautiful and it’s always made better when you feel nice in what you are wearing! What are your favourite pieces to wear when you go out or have you found any good finds recently? Don’t forget to follow and like my blog if you enjoyed this post and head over to Twitter for more!

Love Emily Signature 220x110


Boohoo Mia V Neck Off the Shoulder Crop Top – £6

(Apparently this one isn’t on the website anymore but there are loads of other nice ones similar)

Boohoo Sakari Large Floral Midi Skirt – £6

New Look Black Heels – £19.99

 (I’ve had these for ages so I’m not sure they have them anymore)

New Look Grey Split Side Waterfall Coat – £29.99


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