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Finding out I am Dairy Intolerant

Hi there…

For some reason I am extremely nervous writing this post but here goes. Very recently I discovered I am dairy intolerant – but it’s not been an easy process! It’s taken a year and a half, a bunch of tests, being poked and prodded by doctors, tears and stress but the relief to finally have an answer is overwhelming. I went through a period of time of not being able to eat any food without feeling bloated, sick and having a really intense stomach ache, with no idea what was causing it. I had all the vital tests first, nothing found. I was put on diets, nothing found. All the while I insisted it wasn’t dairy because “I could drink milk” – not to mention that I couldn’t eat chocolate or cheese without being seriously ill! The mind works in mysterious ways I guess…

Finally after one last appointment with the doctor, she suggested I go both gluten and dairy free and then introduce one back in and see if I have any kind of reaction. I couldn’t see how it could be an intolerance to food due to not having a problem for the first 21 years of my life. But I did as she asked. After a few weeks, I put gluten back into my diet and no reaction. I then ate a pizza (possibly my favourite food) and boy was I ill – Was this my answer?! Following some careful experimentation and dairy free alternatives placed into my diet I started to feel better. I finally found my answer – I am now dairy intolerant.

My initial reaction was confusing, I was relieved to have an answer, but so unbelievably gutted that there was not going to be certain foods which I couldn’t eat because of this new intolerance. But over the last few months I have really come to terms with my new diet and I am really enjoying my food again – which is so great. I get to experiment with my own foods and tastes – especially in my baking which I couldn’t be happier about and it’s really not a hassle or any more expensive to my shopping bill. This however does not mean I don’t have the occasional slip up and accidentally eat something which contains dairy, because I do. But it is so much easier to deal with now that I know what it is and have my own way of dealing with it when I do make a mistake (take a Rennie and drink lots of fluids.)

I am by no means an expert and am fairly new to this whole thing I know, but I suppose my ultimate message to any of you guys going through any kind of issue at the moment (even if it’s completely different to mine) is to just persevere, I promise you’ll get there. The road may seem tough right now but you’ll get the answers you need and you’ll be able to move forwards with your life. I’m so glad I am able to share my story with you and if any of you can take one thing from it then I am pleased.

My comments and social media are always open for a chat if you ever need it – you are not alone!

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10 thoughts on “Finding out I am Dairy Intolerant

  1. LOVE this! I recently found out I’m gluten, dairy, wheat, and yeast intolerant and it’s a relief to find someone who’s having the same problem as me with dairy!


    1. Aw Hun, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! It’s so nice to hear of someone else going trough it as well, I have another post going up later on in the week of some top tips,you might enjoy it โ˜บ๏ธ


  2. This was very well written! I have never experienced this but my sister is lactose intolerant and I remember when she had a really rough time with her diet until her doctor finally diagnosed her. It was pretty difficult seeing my sister so sick for a while :/ this post reminded me of that time!
    Lovely story ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nikki O /


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