August Fashion Wishlist

Hey everyone!

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I have a massive shopping addiction. If I visit a shopping centre there’s a 100% guarantee I won’t come out empty handed and I regularly get packages delivered, full of new buys! There’s not much more I find satisfying than having a full wardrobe and clothes that i love to wear. (My friends and family say I’m the worst person to shop with because I encourage them to buy everything they see that they like!) So for this post I thought I would show you some of my most recent fashion picks, on my wishlist – which I’m fighting the urge to buy everyday!!

Just a mention too – I am not one to shop in ridiculously priced clothes shops just for the label. I more look for what I like, what I can afford and if it fits. So all of these items are from high streets stores and some of my personal favourites.

My Fashion Picks

1.New Look Bardot Top in Khaki – £17.99

Bardot’s are this seasons new summer craze and I am loving them. Khaki is one of my favourite colours at the moment and the fact that this top has some kind of detailing with the part sleeves and ties on the bottom make me feel like I’m not just wearing a standard plain top. (I’m more of a stand out person than s hide in my clothes type). Some may say that this top could be seen as a bit overprices but I say you pay for what you get sometimes.

2.Boohoo Relaxed Fit Culotte Jumpsuit – £25.00

I love this one because of having the feeling that you could wear this one to be comfy but still look super chic at the same time. I hate going out with my joggers on but then don’t always want to get changed into jeans or anything so one really stands out for me. I love the colour and that it isn’t grey or black like standard jogger tracksuits and the model makes it look super wearable.

3.Boohoo Pastel Geo Print Skinny Trousers – £8.00

After having a meeting with my placement for my final year of university, they told me there dress code was smart casual and I definitely didn’t need to wear business style clothing. This panicked me because although I can dress smart casual very easily, I like to have different clothes for my day to day life and my work life. Does anyone else do this or is it just me? So when I saw these trousers (and for such a bargain) I thought they would be perfect for the job, without being plain and boring – I cannot wait to add them to my collection!

4.New Look Pale Blue Authentic Skinny Jeans – £22.99

I like to have a vast array of jeans to choose between that will go with any outfit, so I am always extending from the ones I already have. Of course, for me, jeans have to be skinny. I’ve gone a bit mad with the ripped jeans recently so I have been looking for a really casual paid for every day, and because it’s summer I thought they best be light blue instead of dark. As simple as they are, these jeans just kind of tick every box for me.

5.New Look Khaki Camo Print Shacket – £29.99

So I guess a shacket means a shirt crossed with a jacket? Well I like it, and especially when it is in camo print. I like the idea of having this item to be able to layer over things on a cold day, like a jacket. But then also be able to just pop it over a plain white tee on some of the warmer days (if we happen to have any in England!) Probably the only reason why I haven’t brought this yet, is due to the price. It’s not necessarily overpriced, all things considered but for what I think I’d outfit it with, I feel like it’s a little too much money.

6.New Look Black Graffiti Badge Print Bodysuit – £12.99

This is quite an unusual pick for me, and anyone who knows me may be surprised at my choice. There is a big trend at the moment with both bodysuits and the badge print – both of which I haven’t been massively keen on until recently. I’ve just come to terms with the idea of wearing a bodysuit all day and the obvious complication with it (like needing to go to the toilet). I thought if I was going to consider putting these into my wardrobe collection I’d want one that stands out from the plain ones and had something a bit different about it. That something different for me, happens to be the badge – a style I didn’t think I’d catch onto but obviously I have. I’ll be interested to find out how I get on with this one if I buy it.

7.New Look Cameo Rose Khaki Bardot Neck Jumpsuit – £22.99

Can you tell I’m a New Look fan yet? This jumpsuit is literally all of my favourite things at the moment rolled into one – khaki, bardot and jumpsuit. I’ve been trying for so long to find a jumpsuit that I like and doesnt look funny on me because I seem to have long legs and a short torso (which should work but doesn’t for me). Although I haven’t actually brought this (obviously otherwise it wouldn’t be in here) I feel like this one will look better on me maybe because there doesn’t seem to be a definitive empire line that would make me look way out of proportion. I love this for a special occasion so I may have to wait until one of those crops up.

8.F&F Mixed Texture Loafers in Tan – £15.00

Yes, this choice is from Tesco… I need some shoes which I can wear to placement and work and be smart casual and then wear them in my everyday life when I don’t want to wear my trainers or heels. I thought these could fit both of those worlds, and in the ideal colour that will go with anything. I have really small feel and so struggle with the sizes in other shops being too big for me, no matter how small I seem to go. However, having had some F&F shoes before, I know they fit me well so these are kind of a winner for me.

So there you have it, some of my wishlist picks at the moment – trust me I couldn’t do them all, you’d be sat here reading all day (if you’ve even got this far!) But thank you for reading if you have, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I would like in my wardrobe soon and I have left links below in case you like them too. Remember to like this blog and let me know in the comments of anything you want at the moment or think I might be interested in!

Love Emily Signature 220x110


New Look Bardot Top in Khaki – £17.99

Boohoo Relaxed Fit Culotte Jumpsuit – £25.00

Boohoo Pastel Geo Print Skinny Trousers – £8.00

New Look Pale Blue Authentic Skinny Jeans – £22.99

New Look Khaki Camo Print Shacket – £29.99

New Look Black Graffiti Badge Print Bodysuit – £12.99

New Look Cameo Rose Khaki Bardot Neck Jumpsuit – £22.99

F&F Mixed Texture Loafers in Tan – £15.00



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