Dairy Free Victoria Sponge

Hey Guys!

I absolutely love baking and I’ve been enjoying baking (at a pretty basic level) for a while. It is something which gives me the chance to unwind, forgetting the busy world and have some sister-sister time because she usually bakes with me – possibly just to eat the goodies fresh out of the oven!Β 

When I found out I was dairy intolerant, I thought I was either going to have to stop baking – or at least bake for everyone else and not actually eat the treats myself, and I’m not sure which would be worse! However, after doing some experimenting I’ve realised for any recipe I find, I can use a dairy free alternative, which is perfect.

After previously baking pretty simple things, I thought it was time to try a traditional Victoria Sponge. Recently I purchased Tanya Burr’s ‘Tanya Bakes’ book – which can I just mention as THE best variety and tasiest looking recipes I have ever seen! (It’s in my July Favourites if you want to read more about it.) So I chose to use her Victoria Sponge recipe with a few adaptations. It was super simple to follow, so it was pretty easy not to make any major mistakes and having a photo of what it should look like helped not fear mine looking completely different to what it should – so an overall successful bake.

Use 1

Use 2

As I mentioned above, because I am dairy intolerant I had to use dairy free alternatives for the butter and the filling inside. I used dairy free butter/spread and changed the filling to vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam instead of fresh cream. For this, I used 100g of dairy free butter, 140g of icing sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. I popped these all in a bowl and mixed them together until thick and creamy. I then spread half of the cake with strawberry jam and the other half with buttercream and then placed them one on top of the other. (Although I did spread it a little too close to the edge so when it was cut, the buttercream and jam kind of exploded out of the sides!)

The final result!

I was quite proud of my Victoria Sponge, being my first attempt – and the family and friends who ate it certainly seemed to enjoy it as well! What are your favourite things to bake – or eat for that matter? I’d love to have some more ideas and I’m more than sure there’ll be frequent baking blogs going up.

Thanks for reading!

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